Our Vision

Kia tū tika ai te whare tapu o Ngāpuhi

That the sacred house of Ngāpuhi stands strong.

Our Mission

Mā te Rūnanga e arahi atu i te wairuatanga, i te pāporitanga, i te tikanga me te tupu ai hua mō Ngāpuhi, kia hua ai ki te katoa o Ngāpuhi te mana motuhake me te ora tonu

To lead the spiritual, social, cultural, environmental, and economic growth of Ngāpuhi by ensuring the self determination and on-going sustainability of our people.

Our vision and mission are built upon the unique characteristics, beliefs, values and stories that make our people proud to be Ngāpuhi.

As the Mandated Iwi Authority for Ngāpuhi, we lead the spiritual, social, cultural, environmental, and economic growth for all Ngāpuhi and build enduring relationships and create opportunities to help realise Ngāpuhi’s collective interests, dreams and aspirations.

Our subsidiaries include Ngāpuhi Iwi Social Services, Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi and Ngāpuhi Asset Holding Company and together form the 'Ngāpuhi Rūnanga Group'.

With a clear responsibility to build on, consolidate and plan a pathway forward for Ngāpuhi into the future, we are guided by our people, firmly grounded in Ngāpuhi tikanga and cultural values, and inspired to realise the vision of a proud, resilient and strong Ngāpuhi.

We provide scholarships, discretionary and sponsorship funding, as well as financial and other support for Hapū development.

The Rūnanga takes a leadership role in ensuring Ngāpuhi are heard and have influence in every facet of the nation’s life.

From resource management and Māori water rights, to the review of Aotearoa’s constitution, to Northland economic summits, local government representation, the Iwi Chairs Forum and Government select committees … the Rūnanga proudly represents the interests of Ngāpuhi at these and many other fora.

Organisational Chart

(current as at 1 May)