What is Hapū Development?

The main strands of delivery to hapū are facilitation, planning, information brokerage and assistance with submissions on behalf of all Ngāpuhi hapū. Our Hapu Development Co-ordinators can help.

Our goal is to identify, develop and support programmes, projects that will nurture sustainable development for whānau, hapū and marae. We also provide assistance and support planning processes that develop sustainable management plans and practices for Ngāpuhi.


The Future of Hapū Development

The focus of hapū development has evolved from the physical upgrade and building of marae to sustainable income development and the development of marae as the cultural base of hapū. Capability and capacity building at every level are an integral component of hapū development. The challenge for the next five years is to build a core of self-sustaining socio-economic nests through out ‘Te Whare Tapu o Ngāpuhi’.


Hapū Development Funding

Hapū development funding is for cultural, social and economic development projects with sustainable outcomes and the development of long term benefits of Ngāpuhi hapū and marae communities. For planning purposes, the funding will help kick start or contribute to the development of project stages.

The maximum amount applied for is $5000 and applicants may apply only once per year. Applications must demonstrate how the projects will have sustainable outcomes.

Application forms are available from our Hapu Development Co-ordinators who will meet with you and discuss your project. If you would like to apply please click on the following link to send them your contact details to arrange an appointment. Hapu Development contact form.


Minor Capital Works

Minor Capital Works is an alternative use of the Hapū Development fund. It is strictly for remedial repairs to the marae for issues that prevent the marae from being used. Works must be remedial, under $5000 and have professional quotes. For example a leaking roof, that would cost under $5000 to repair.

Natural Resource Management

The Resource Management Act passed in 1991, promotes the sustainable management of natural and physical resources such as land, air and water.

Some of the services we provide for marae and hapū-based groups is to support them to undertake the management of the resources in their area.

Other support services we provide are submissions on resource consents, submissions on regional and national matters, writing iwi/hapū management plans and provide support or advice on matters that groups may try to address.

If you would like support or would like to know more about the services available, please contact our Natural Resource Management Project Co-ordinator who will meet with you and discuss your project.

To arrange an appointment please click on the following link to send them your contact details (Hapū Development Contact Form)

Hapū Development Funding 2011-2012


Funding Graphs

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