Independent Director, Ngāpuhi Asset Holding Company

Ngāpuhi Asset Holding Company (NAHC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi O Ngāpuhi (the Rūnanga) with a long term vision to protect the financial future of Ngāpuhi and provide opportunities for growth and development.

The company was established ten years ago as the commercial arm of the Rūnanga, charged with the oversight, diversification and growth of the core economic assets of Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest iwi, Ngāpuhi.

Ngāpuhi are in the negotiation phase with the Crown and their Treaty Settlement.

Owning assets in excess of $53m, it is a substantial Northland business and employer with a focus on four key areas including fishing, commercial property, retail and equities.

The current Directors are: Leigh Auton (Chairman), Jason Witehira (Deputy Chair), Wane Wharerau, and John Rae.  Due to rotational retirements of Leigh Auton in September 2017, and Raniera (Sonny) Tau in December 2016, there are vacancies for two Independent Directors.

NAHC employs 20 FTEs and is led by Chief Executive, Paul Knight.

Term of Appointment

The usual term is three years, however it is expected that Directors will serve two terms as a minimum. Directors may serve up to three terms.

Responsibilities of Directors

The Directors are responsible for ensuring NAHC’s strategic plans have established long term goals consistent with Ngāpuhi values and monitoring the effective implementation of those strategies.

The Directors are also responsible for overseeing and holding management to account through effective plans and actions including risk management and a high standard of compliance and assurance.

Specific Competency

The Board of NAHC foremost requirement is an appreciation of and ability to work in an iwi Māori environment.

The Board are seeking to appoint directors with diverse experience in evaluating commercial opportunities and previous post settlement governance experience would be an advantage, but is not essential. Well-developed networks in business and government could also be an advantage.

It would be expected that the appointments had governance or senior management experience including finance, risk management, talent management and demonstrated strategic capability.

One Director is expected to be a member of the Rūnanga Group Audit and Risk Committee, which will likely be one of the new Director appointees.

Expectation of Directors

The Directors are expected to attend seven board meetings per annum, in person or by teleconference and to devote sufficient time to preparing for board meetings. It is estimated that an average of two days per month will be spent in preparation and attendance at board meetings. The meetings are usually held in Kaikohe and Auckland.

The role would ideally start in July 2017.


The Directors currently receive a fee of $25,000 per annum. Director’s travel and expenses are arranged by the office to enable efficient board operations. A review of Director remuneration is currently being undertaken.

Directors should have the necessary skills and experience to enable them to meet the requirements of a Director in terms of the Companies Act 1993 and other relevant legislation and have the demonstrated skills to contribute to high level decision-making.

Confidential expressions of interest in joining NAHC should be emailed to
Susan Huria at [email protected] by 5.00pm on Friday 5 May 2017.

For further information call Susan Huria on 021 962 704